People around you, makes a lot of difference

In Life on July 9, 2009 at 10:17 am

To have good people around you is a blessing, I am blessed!

I believe that people around us play very important role in our lives. Our friends, relatives have substantial contribution in what we are today. They are our support system. It is always good to have some people around you to guide you in whatever you are doing. They can tell you if you are going on the wrong track, they will help you if you are in trouble, boost your confidence if you are doing well. You will never feel alone.

I have experienced hostel life. There is no one to guide what is wrong and what is right. You have to take your own responsibility; there are only friends who may guide you. I have seen people spoiling their life with bad company. I have seen people doing better having good company. So company matters a lot.

If you want good people around you then you have to make efforts. Raise your hand first to start a relationship, people will definitely respond. May that be friends, seniors, colleagues or from social contacts. Try to be associated with people.

There are lots of options available to communicate these days. You can make use of e-mails, social networking sites like orkut or facebook, twitter, mobiles & many more. Make use of them. To stay connected is important rather than increasing number of contacts on profile. Not only online but offline connection is really important. Give personal touch to the relation.

Value people. Try to help them. We must give value to everyone in our contact, may that be a small kid or parents or friends anyone. Talk on their interests, they will be eager to connect with you. When we communicate with someone try to help them form your side instead of expecting from them. Its not always about how other person is beneficial for us. Pay attention if someone is talking to you.

Keeping relations with people really help us grow. It gives practical experience of how to deal with people. Ultimately everyone has to do the same thing, deal with people, recognize them. We can only do this by involving in people. Choosing to have good people around you initially will create concrete foundation for you. Based on this you will understand what is good & what is bad for you.

There are obliviously bad people in the world, we have to deal with them many times. If our foundation is strong enough then we can handle them very well. As we grow we can change people around us.

It is easy to start developing relations initially but maintaining that & making that strong is important. We must spent time for developing relations. Plan some get together, invite people if  you are planning to go for some outing, take out some time to go & meet people.

I have many good friends, relatives and my family members to support me. They are always there to support me, guide me, scold me and argue with me too. Thanks all of them for always being there.


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