Keep Smiling :) !

In Inspirations, Life on July 23, 2009 at 7:13 pm

Keep Smiling!!! We hear, read this many times in books, from many people, on TV, in a news paper… many times we have heard, read about this. It is really good habit, good for health, it makes things easy, reduces tension & helps to get connected with people, right?

Quotes are nice to read but tough to implement. I was wondering about the same thing & suddenly our made entered in our house with a broad smile on her face. I observed that whenever she comes she gives a smile. True implementation, really!

Now I would share her story. She is from very poor family & the only source of income of her family. Her two children are jobless & her husband too. She has one son married & two grand children. She has to earn to run her house but does so happily even at the age of 55(approx, she doesn’t even know her age.). She celebrates every festival with all the enthusiasm. She has to fight for every small thing in her life & still she can carry a smile on her face. She is not even aware of this philosophy.

She has many other issues as well still she feels happy & satisfied about her life though she has many things to complain about. One can smile only if he is satisfied & thankful for whatever he has in his life. So, we should focus on all the blessings we have got. Then only we can keep smiling.

It is too inspiring!! True implementation of Keep Smiling!!

  1. Even the rich are unhappy and they too keep that smile up on their face even after having thousands of problems back home. Yes, the rich have more problems than the poor. It’s just that their problems are not seen evidently out in the open. Somehow they have learned to keep their problems inside the four walls of their house. Its not about being rich or poor its about how content/aspiring are you in life which in turn makes you happy. We must all keep that smile on your face in the darkest of times. It helps 🙂

  2. @raghu poor and rich is not an issue.what matters is keep smiling and be happy.

  3. Enjoy every moment of your life , KYA PATA KAL HO NA HO!!!!

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