Why women should work?

In Life on October 29, 2010 at 2:33 pm

This is not the obvious question which comes to mind but it came somehow while thinking about some random things.  Then I realized that it is worth thinking about.

Our society does not really support women working, we have many many women around who are not working. We have still not concluded whether they should work or not. Rather why should they work.

Yes, different people can have different opinions, perspectives and I am not at all interested on commenting on whether they should work or not.  Being working women I just want to  express what are the things which push us and make us keep doing our job.

I mentioned , “Our society does not really support women working” what I meant by support is not the permission to work but the respect given to her work. Let me elaborate it..

Many women are allowed to work these days, but it is emphasized,  rather imposed that being women you should give first priority to the family. You should take leave from work, maintain relations, attend family functions etc.  You should manage your work according to these constraints. They are not  supported if they have to work late nights, they bring their work at home. These are the situations/ facts and I believe it will take some time to change it completely.

Most of the things mentioned above are also true for housewives.  Being housewife is a full day activity. But their work is also not respected. Many times we see that they do not have the freedom to take decisions. They are always taken for granted. They also need a respect for their work.

But the amazing thing is besides all these things, still women are willing to work. Like many, I have also gone through similar experiences and will continue in future to some extent. Still I love working, I love my job. There is something which is constantly motivating me to continue doing my job. What is that? I started thinking about it and got some answers…

The very first thing which comes in my mind is the Identity! I get that only by my work. I enjoy that a lot. Pallavi.. is not only someone’s daughter, sister but an individual who does so and so….. Such an amazing feeling 🙂 This is the biggest biggest thing which keeps me motivated.

Then the exposure. I am born and brought in a village like place. I was not aware of many things before I came in Pune and started working.  After that I got to know many many things, basically got exposure to real world. It helped me boosting my confidence.

Personality, ability to have my own beliefs, develop my own logics. There are many women who do not think independently. So, these points are the motivating factors for me and  which keeps me firm, always.

I believe these are the things which can keep me busy, working all the time.Boost factors! The work not just related to my profession but any work I am doing. May that be house hold activities.

I would like to know what is the case with you.

  1. I always heard my father telling me to co-operate with my mother because she would be busy all day in household activities. He has such a respect for her. Before marriage my mother was working in office. When I was born, she decided to become full time house wife. Because she realized that “she might be happy working in the office, but while working , she can not make us happy enough. And if we (her family) is not happy, what is the use of marriage?” I have heard my mother telling me what I have wrote above. To tell you the truth, working from home also doesn’t work out well, I have personal experience of this. But nowadays their own identity and independence has become more important for women that their family. In my opinion, such women do not qualify for marriage at all.

    • So, in your opinion “Women should give priority to family first.” Good to know the experience you shared!

  2. Its not just for women. Its true for men also. men should properly take care of their wives. Some men just try to exploit women. That’s very bad.

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